Tans and Grant's Leaving Dinner



The crew descended on "The Kiwi Kitchen" in Fulham to celebrate Tans and Grant (my old flatmates) leaving London and heading back to NZ:

from left going around the table, first two I don't know, Tans, Dale, Nat, Andrew, me, Grant,
Robyn, Caroline, Mark, Craig, Cynthia, Richard, Crazy, Marta, Ian
and at the bottom of the table Shan holding Austin.

Austin showing Andrew how to pull the ladies (simply look cute):

Shan telling Austin "It's time to kiss your Mother again, boy!":

Here's Ian practicing strangling Austin for later on in life, when Austin backs Ian's car through the side of the house at age 16:

Austin wondering where the hell the milk is supposed to come from:

A photo after I yelled out "everyone act silly for this one!"... guess who the most silly people are (my vote goes to Crazy):

Looks like Austin is getting pretty desperate for a feed in that pic above!

Crazy, just finding out after his first mouthful, that Ian put the contents of Austin's nappy on his plate for a joke:

And here's Shan cam, as we're all tucking in to our tucker:

Kiwi Kitchen, faaaantastic food!


By Tony Baker: email