New Years Eve 2009



This year I spent New Years Eve in chilly ol' London! A bunch of us started off at Anna's place for pre-drinkies:

Oh yeah, I should probably mention we were going to an 80's theme at a pub...

Grant think's I'm pretty tasty, can really blame the guy!

A classic Tony lip pucker for the camera:

OOOOh, yeah!

Right, time to get off to the pub, damn cold so had to put my hat on! For some reason I felt like a dick head...

Didn't take us long to make new friends at the pub:

James, Andrew, Grant and Terry... I'd like to call this the before-ish pic:

Anna making more friends:

Tan's and Grant:

Time for some air guitar!

Of course, Bridge and I had to show off our technique as well:

Bridge and her bro Terry with some air guitar as well:


Looking dead sexy...

OK, NOW I'm looking dead sexy...

Not really sure what to make of this pic...

Lookin' goooood for the ladies...

No real reason to lift James up on to my shoulders, other than it was a freaken awesome idea at the time!

I thought of another use for my wig...

Anna with a random... I guess it was pretty dark at the pub at this stage of the evening...

Andrew and Anna, cheers!

A bit more air guitar:

Andrew having a bit of a rest after air-guitar-ing himself out:

Not sure why or how I got down there...

But everyone seemed to take advantage of the situation...

Double Fonzie thumbs up though!

Bridge helped me back up:

Group photo taken by a dwarf:

And this pretty much sums up the night:

New Years Eve, it's fun!



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