My Stag do in Prague

(29/012/09) - three pages, including my stag do video

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James and Dennis sorted out my stag do (11th to the 13th of December in Prague), and I must say, that did a freaken sweet job of it!

I had no idea what to expect, apart from knowing I had a flight to Prague. All started off the night before when Bridget did my nails...

Making sure I'd look my best:

I found out the next morning, bright and early (4am, before our 6:30am flight) that we were all going as Smurfs!

I also had additional makeup, some fake eyelashes:

eye liner, eye shadow:

and lipstick! This was the "best" my makeup looked during my stag do, lets just say that Bridget was better at applying it than the guys...

Off through the airport!

Once in Prague, it didn't take us long to find our first bar:

Here's James, Mark, Richard, Andrew, Crazy, me and Dennis. Ian turned up later that night...

The barman was quite tolerant of us:

It also didn't take us long to realise that we'd be needing to go for a LOT of pee-pee during the next few days, Kiwi ingenuity came in to play:

Worked a treat!

On the subway to our first event, I had no idea what any of them were till we got there...

Found out it was going down a luge!!!

If any of you thought "hmm, drunk guys on a luge, what could POSSIBLY go wrong", well, combine that with it being wet and the guy telling us to "take it easy" and one run later, Dennis had a crushed and bleeding hand, after running over it half a second before crashing into the back of me at the bottom.

Luckily his hand wasn't broken and a few beers took care of any pain.

Richard lost his hat on the way down, but he smurfed it back again no worries:

Mark, feeling the G-Forces:

James discovering that it's more scary going down when your hat falls over your eyes:

Richard, after apparently losing his hat again, no-one can call him "fat-head" I guess:

Andrew, always ready for a Hallensteins photo-shoot:

Dennis, making ladies swoon and men feel inadequate:

Richard, putting his luge back on the rails, after careering down the track so fast, he not only didn't stop in time, but sped over the extra stopping area to actually manage to come off the rails and smack in the wall. Looks like people have done that before, thank god they put padding on the wall! Needless to say, we wet out pants laughing:

Click next to see who had the biggest Crash! Bet you can guess...

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