My Birthday

(20/07/09) - including video


For my birthday on the 29th of June Bridget surprised me with a party in Clapham Common!

Here's Lindsey and Becs in the cab with Bridge off to the park:

Setting up the anti-gravity mats:

The girls decided to turn their backs on James after his miserable failure at a back spin:

Moments after I biked through three different kids birthday parties that were also being held in the park, they're not gonna steal my thunder!

Me helping to feed Austin:

None of us were any good at doing the limbo:

Lindsey after showing Dennis how to do a wrestling pile-drive:

The girls just couldn't watch as Andrew took out his false teeth:

Matt and Anne, both blaming each other for the farty noise that just happened:

Discussing the finer points of latter day artistic techniques during the Edwardian area:

Granddad Dennis having his wee afternoon nap:

Was and excellent day, thanks to everyone who managed to turn up!

Right, now here's a video of the day's merriment!


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