Meels Going Away Party



Meel’s is heading back to good ol’ NZ finally, so she threw her going away party the other week. I’ve finally managed to get this page up!

Was a rip roaring night at Waxy’s in Piccadilly Circus.

Here I am with Tans and Ian, who’s helping me pick up TV reception:

Grant and Bridge, camera person already feeling the effects of a few drinks…

Dayle and Jane showing what a good dentist can do:

Craig and I, showing what a bad plastic surgeon can do:

Amanda, Meel’s and Grant, looking pretty excited as the next drinks round is brought to them:

Amanda, Meel’s and my friend Bob (only people with an IQ greater than 160 can see Bob):

Craig helping Tania say some Prayers while Dayle looks in vain for her wallet to pay for the beers:

Here’s me, turning what would have been just another wonderful photo of gorgeous ladies into something more…

Tan’s and Meel’s helping Amanda to sit upright after she did 5 Tequila slammers in a row:

Ian (before he’s had any drinks), showing Nic how he picked up Shan way back in the day:

Robyn and Jane, looking like they’ve been up to no good:

Robyn showing off her mighty pythons while Dayle still searches for her wallet:

I didn’t realise at the time when I took this photo, but my fly was down, fortunately Grant, Meel’s and Amanda told me after:

Bec’s and Bridge, baring their teeth to ward off the marauding wildlife:

At one stage during the evening, I thought it would be a freaken awesome idea to make paper airplanes and throw them at other groups of people around the pub:


I think Bridge’s expressing sums up what happened:

Poor Meel’s, wasn’t quite right after the airplane incident… Sorry, Meel’s, I didn’t mean to throw it quite that hard… Grant was not impressed with me for a full 5 mins after I did that:

Ian was so hungry at this stage that he ate my paper plane, much to Nic’s amusement. Poor Jane just couldn’t look as she’s strictly a non-vegetarian:

It was Michele’s turn to pose next to the Coops statue, depicting sleeping beauty:

Grant and Tans, right after I said the punch line of one of my many awesome jokes:

Nic and Coops were not impressed with Ian squeezing out a fart at the table:

Not sure who took this photo, but it obviously was of the two chicks making out over Jane’s left shoulder:

Grant surprised me a bit here as he tried to combine the power his, Craig’s and my brain in to what he likes to call, a “super-brain”. The combination would have unimaginable synaptic ability, more powerful than the amalgamation of up to three household cats:

Shan turned up to the party too late to get her free set of red contact lenses:

Ian tried desperately to lick off the sticky jam that caused us to become stuck together:

And that was a wee taste of the evening! Mmm, tasted like flowers.


By Tony Baker: email