Last few Weekends



Although I haven't updated my web site, Bridget and I have been fairly busy over the last month.

Lets see, we had Ian and Shan's baby shower! Us guys all buggered off to the park with booze and balls, plus this delightful outfit for Ian:

Here's the guys, Craig, Richard, me, Craig, Matt, Ian, Andrew and James.

After we were sufficiently drunk and hungry, we took off back to Mark and Caroline's flat where the chicks were having the actual baby shower. We all finished off the food they didn't manage to eat as well as partook in a few "what the hell is the flavour of THIS baby food" games. Didn't agree too well with Ian (Shan's so tolerant):

Fabio turned up to the party as well:

By the way, Shan and Ian have finally had little Austin!

Another thing we did was go to Fergals Birthday Party:

I went like this:

as it turned out, it was fancy dress, so I actually fitted in well with the Hawaiian theme:

Shea thought it was a gay pride party (well, I HOPING he thought that):

Here's coconut-cup cam:

Beth using her wooden spoons to put Jake Heke in his place:

Shea decided he was looking too gay, so put his sunnies on to finally look cool:

Oh, and better put a pic of the birthday boy in! Here's Fergal sharing a romantic drink with Anna:

Looks like Anna was a wee bit taken by smooth Mr McEntee:

I of course was the only one at the party to act cool and be in control:

Apart from my Fiancée of course:

The ladies all got their nails done:

Someone told Shea that his cool-shades weren't so cool after all, he wasn't impressed:

Perhaps it was me who told Shea he wasn't cool, looks like I had to show him how to do it:

Shea was so happy that I showed him how to be cool, we had some Tony and Shea time to celebrate:

(Seriously, if someone can tell me WTF was going on there, I'd appreciate it)

and finally, a classy pic to finish off with Fergal's birthday pics:

A bunch of us went for a cycle ride the other weekend, down along the Thames:

 to Richmond Park:

Everything was going really awesome, until I decided that I needed to go for a swim:

Unfortunately, seconds after I decided to go for a swim, my bike decided to go in after me, landing on my head:

Bridget also managed to get a video of me falling in to. I know NO-ONE would EVER want to see a video of me falling in to a river, but JUST IN CASE, here it is:

If you want to see some close ups of my head and the result of getting 5 stitches in it, click here to see the pics. I didn't include them here in case some of you are extra squeamish. People like Cullen will of course laugh at how pathetic the size of the head wound is... but remember, Cullen, mine was caused by doing X-Treme mountain biking, not falling over drunk!

And at the end of the day (yes, I have my stitches in here and yes, a normal man would be in the back of an ambulance rather than continuing to mountain bike):

Finally, we went to Julie's Birthday Party!

Here's the only pic I have of it and seriously, I don't need any more to sum up the evening :-)

Weekends, fun, but don't fall in any rivers...


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