Italy (Pisa, Florence, Venice)

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Bridget and I went to Italy for Easter. I STILL hadn't been to Pisa, Florence and Venice, despite having lived in Europe for over 8 years, so this trip was to tick those biggies off the list and to have a great holiday!

After arriving late on Thurs night in Pisa and eventually getting a room (after the B&B we booked with had the wrong date) we were off the next day!

Apart from the leaning tower of Pisa, there's a river:

and that's about it for Pisa.

The buildings around the leaning tower are pretty cool, and guess what?! The leaning tower actually leans!

At quite a surprising angle:

Oh, and I decided to get my picture taken next to the leaning tower.

CHECK IT OUT!!! It looks like the leaning tower is falling over, but I'm holding it up!!!!

The pic above was actually a optical illusion, I wasn't really stopping the leaning tower of Pisa from falling over.


Yeah, ok, I took some other pics of it as well:

Needless to say, Bridget and I spend a good half an hour giggling away taking those!

We brought our tickets to go up the leaning tower early on (you have to wait at least an hour for your time-slot) so we spent it wandering around the cathedral checking it and the other building out:

Bridget found her twin:

Then it was time to go up! It leans inside as well:

Half way up:

The cathedral from the top:

The stairs were well worn here, guess a few people have been up before us:

Right at the top:

Another lovely picture of my fiancée and I:

Loooong way down, good for a bunji jump:

The very top of the leaning tower of Pisa, don't see this every day, especially with Bridget's head cheekily popping in to view:

Just to make up for the fact you can only see Bridget's head above, now you can only see the rest of her!

We were very lucky for the whole of Easter weather wise, gorgeous warm weather and blue skys:


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