Halloween, Crazy and Richards Birthday

(04/11/09) - Three pages, including video

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Epic. Yep, that's a pretty good way of summing up the party after Crazy and Richard booked out downstairs at Project Orange. Will certainly go down in history for me as one of the top 10 London parties I've been to!

The day didn't start off there of course, began around 10:30 at Dennis and Lindsey's for a delayed viewing of the Rugby (you know it's gonna be a great day when it begins with kicking the Ozzies).

Shan and Austin turned up as well! Here's Anna and Austin (Shan informed me that Austin was dressed as a zebra, I think...)

Dennis and I decided to bring back out the Storm Trooper outfits from last years Halloween, seeing as they were such a hit last time (but mainly because we're lazy baastards):

There were two problems with the outfits:

1) They still stank of booze, vomit, cheep hookers and piiss from last year.

2) The lightsabers were long since destroyed, due to a variety of duals.

#1 was fixed by hardening up. #2 was fixed by a quick trip down to Putney Exchange to search for replacements:

We found them! you can imagine that it wasn't just a simple case of wandering down the high street and back. The video will reveal more, but a highlight was when Dennis was kicked by a little shiitbag 7 year old who ran away giggling, Dennis and I chased after him screaming out "Luke! Luke Skywalker, HALT!". Much to the amusement of his Dad.

Then it was back to the party, where Austin was back in his PJ's, so I make him look a bit harder:

The force is strong in this one:

Unfortunately, it became plainly aware that he was to become more of an Ewok than a Storm Trooper:

I think I would make a cuter Ewok than Austin, of course:

Dennis finally got fed up enough with the lack of fly in his Storm Trooper outfit (no doubt one of the major causes of the outfits stinking), that he decided to do something about it:

Kids, don't play with knives:

Poor Dennis! That'll be a lesson he'll never forget!

Of course, I had to show Dennis how to do it properly and safely!


Anna gettin' lucky:

Ohh, la la!

Lindsey was the hostess with the mostest, setting out another magnificent Halloween spread. Dennis deserved most of the credit though, he told Lindsey to do it:

Bridge inventing a Marge Simpson outfit:

Getting some Lightsaber practice in:

The clam before the storm....

RIGHT! Now it's time to actually get TO the party!

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