Budapest for Work



My workmate Juan and I went to Budapest for an energy conference, it was tough work getting out of the office for a few days, so stressful in fact we had to spend the afternoon when we arrived chilling out in the famous Budapest hotpools:

Watching some old guys chilling out playing chess, looked like a GREAT way to spend the day!

Other end of the main outside pool, you can see the fountain here, was perfect for standing under to get a back massage:

One of the many indoor pools which got up to 40 degrees C:

The main entrance to the building:

The outside of the pool building:

Wandering through a bit of Budapest, some famous square:

We went up to the castle for dinner, where we got a great view across Budapest:

Look! A decent photo of me not pulling a face, I just HAD to put it in:

Some king or whatever, didn't die in battle at all, pussy:

Juan and I at this super-swank restaurant we found!

Had a nice glass ceiling:

Chowing in to some goulash:

The restaurant also happened to have a band playing (string instruments). I went up to the lead guy and told him that it was Juan's birthday.

I went back to the table and told Juan to "just play along". Hi face looking extremely worried as expected. 

Played out perfectly with everyone in the restaurant singing happy birthday to a very red faced Juan... I was proud of my restraint by not starting up a round of "hip-hip! HOORAY!" just to top it all off, it was a classy place after all!


The conference also threw a cool party on a boat:

So classy, having glowing cubes of advertisement in your bubbly:

Some old dude strumming up a storm:

Yeah... I went kinda overboard with my glowing cubes:

And lastly, a couple of shots from the boat up at Budapest castle:



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