My British Citizenship Ceremony



I'm British! Well, I'm now half British and Half Kiwi after swearing at the Queen last night.

Sitting next to some of the other 69 people who were getting their Citizenship that evening:

Dennis and Lindsey came along with Bridget as well to see me swear:

Dennis and Lindsey supplied Durka Support:

Arriving on stage, following Khushnaseeb Shuhul and before Glabripennis Shimabukuro (yep, even the guy who was reading out the names said "ohh, an easy one!" when it came to me):


Of course, I got the others up on stage after as well:

My first English Durka Dance:

And straight off to the pub to celebrate of course:

Oh I DO say, a pucker pint!

Didn't take long for me to get in the spirit of being British with Bridget's British pack:

My first fight being British. I'm pretty sure I heard Dennis say something that might've been derogatory about a football club that I might've cared about. He might've also been talking about the weather but I couldn't take any chances:

Catching up on the latest news. I particularly agreed with the poor lady on the cover who said "I'm 22 stone but I'll only diet if I get more benefits" (seriously, this isn't a made up magazine cover):

I was delighted to receive a postcard from the Queen and Phil:

Leaving the pub, off to get a curry:

Becoming British, comes with the responsibility of upholding British customs!

Here's a wee video of the ceremony


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