Bridget's Birthday Party

(26/03/09) - two pages

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We had one heck of a sweet night for Bridget's birthday, thanks to everyone who made it!

After Dennis and I spent the afternoon drinking beers in his back garden, simply getting to Motion at Embankment via the taxi was a party in itself:

Andrew had a curry before turning up. You know you've done a great fart when it repulses even yourself! No, Bridget isn't grinning because she delt it:

Ohhhh!!! The happy newly engaged couple!

Dennis and I decided that it was finally time to unleash our conjoined-at-the-hip dance move on to the world after many months of nightly practice, Helen was very impressed:

Dennis and I set the dancing pace pretty hard, competing with "the wheelbarrow" should only be attempted by experienced professionals:

"The wheelbarrow" got the thumbs up:

Onlookers were impressed at our skills on the floor:

Here's Dennis trying to work out if the flash is going to work on the camera while Terry in the background tells Dennis that he's blocking his nipple shot:

All got a bit much for Lindsey at one stage and she needed a cuddle from Bridge to cheer her up. Someone found her earring and handed it back while Bec's showed off her football throw pose to try and cheer up Lindsey as well:

Mark showing Chris that the cool kids point with their tongues instead:

Andrew missing James's butt as he tried to hide his beer bottle. Lindsey was in great need of the toilet at this stage:

Shan and Ian are happily pregnant and both due very soon:

Bec's surprised everyone that night as well when she announced her pregnancy. James had a wardrobe malfunction in the background when his infected testi popped out of his pants:

Terry really liked cuddling Matt's beer gut, James had to wait his turn:

The fat-busters meeting was in full swing at this stage:

I'm never one not to put in any pics of hot chicks on my web site!

Mark hoping that I don't notice he spilled his beer down my front (of course I didn't do it to myself, look how sober I am!!!):

Terry hugged Matt so much that his beer gut propagated upwards...

Matt was horribly disappointed when my butt stole the show:

But I made it up to him. Terry also told Matt that he still loved him and that made Matt happy again:

The ceiling was pretty awesome at Motion:

Again, never one to leave out any pics of lovely ladies!

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