Benicassim Music Festival


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A festival in the sun, guaranteed! Sounded like a winner to us! So we jumped on a Ryan Air flight to Spain... after Dennis had to take a few things out of his and Lindseys Check-in to try and get down to the 15Kg limit...

We flew in to Reus and stayed the night, which was a pretty cool wee city to chill out in:

Treated to a fantastic warm summers evening:

AND a fireworks display to welcome us to the city:

The local cat-burglars work in packs to get up to high windows:

Wandering around the streets the next day:

Hanging out with the cool dudes selling their quality merchandise:

Bridget meeting the local animals:

Reus is a bit behind the times when it comes to the latest fashions:

After checking out Reus, it was off towards Benicassim (we actually stayed at Marina d'Or)! On the way we had a wee bit of excitement with a car looking like it was about to explode:

I took the picture above AFTER I pulled the car over and Dennis leapt out and got the family who were driving it away from the car. After we calmed them down the smoke stopped and we realised that it hadn't actually caught on fire. The guy driving it reckoned he might've filled the car up with the wrong fuel. Ya think?!?!

FINALLY we could do some serious relaxing at the beach!

Bridget's bro Terry was in da hood and met up with us as well:

Re-enacting some classic Beatles:

It was a stressful existence for the week, having to find shade:

Finding just the right place to eat was also very tricky, we had to walk away from the beach sometimes:

Rewarding Dennis after he ate all his greens at dinner:

Dennis also sneaked a few drinks, watch this video to see the result...

Dennis made the mistake of punching me in the arm, which resulting in a possible broken hand, so him and Lindsey had to spend an afternoon in hospital getting it x-rayed. Bridget and I took the opportunity to check out Castellon. They have some interesting ideas about art there, I was particularly intruded by the two headed multi-armed creature humping a two headed cow. I think it symbolised peace in the Middle East or something...

But at least my fan club had made it to Spain, even if those crazy Spanish used the wrong spelling in my name:

With all the excitement of being on holiday, it was hard to contain myself!

A snap symbolising Man's progression through life (I'm guessing that's what Bridget was going for when she took the photo):


Right! Time to get our drink on! Click next to see...

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