Alton Towers for Dennis's Birthday


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Dennis, Lindsey, Andrew, James Bridget and I took off to Alton Towers to celebrate Dennis's birthday.

We surprised him by doing up the inside of the car:

Lindsey made us all party parcels, Andrew and James were stoked with theirs:

Whenever you go to give someone a hongi, make sure no-one takes a pic of you doing it, as it can come out less manly than you think...

Some of the queues at Alton towers were looooong, Dennis amused us by flopping out his oddly shaped willy:

Bridge and I on the "Air" ride:

Poor Dennis did NOT like some of the rides...

But he loved others:

I guess I liked a few a bit too much as well...

Andrew and James shared a room, I caught Andrew puffing himself up to impress James, but James was already set for some of Andrew's lovin... especially after the Rohyptnol dose...

It was off the to pub that night to celebrate some more!


Ahh, nice and relaxed:

A round of shots... nothing bad could come of this, right?!


Read on to find out what happens after a round of shots...

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