V Festival Chelmsford

(22/08/08) - Three Pages

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V Festival Kicks ass! Bridget, Fergal, Shea Ilke Dennis Lindsey and myself took off to it last week:

We spent the days sitting around the camp site drinking vodka and playing poker till it made us cross-eyed:

We took a Gazebo but were told to take it down, so we did:

Was still great for playing poker and drinking under at night, Ilke was especiallyhappy about it:

Looks like I was winning at poker here:

We we finally decided to venture in to the festival itself, we thought of a novel way of smuggling vodka in:

Shea must have thought he'd be the distraction:

The main stage

Dennis and I didn't know where to look, it was all so fantastic!

Dennis even made some special friends:

I found a female version of myself at V, who happened to be giving birth to a Dennis lookalike at the time, what are the chances?!

Some weirdo chick looking over my right sholder:

Bridget and Anna, Blue Steel, baby!

Luckily Bridget brought her touring wardrobe:

Lindsey is really strong:

Almost as strong as me:

Dennis couldn't be left out of a piggy back ride of course:

Dennis and I decided to sing, we got quite a crowd to listen to us, about 90,000 I think:

Word up:

I really impressed the crowd with my singing, getting high-fives from strangers:



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