Turkey 2

(16/09/08) - Three Pages, including my paragliding video

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We took an overnight bus from Göreme to Olympos and stayed at Bayrams Bungalow's and tree houses, which I can totally recommend. Great area to chill out:

And nice bungalows with air con:

Although I very much recommend AGAINST staying in the "tree houses" which cost £2.50 less to stay in:

Personally, I like to sleep in a place that doesn't have gaps big enough for poisonous animals to crawl through:

Olympous is the name of the ruins of a city that is well over a couple millennia old as was a large port trading city. Here's a few snaps of what's left:

Couple of tombs:

There's also a nice enough beach after you walk through the ruins, here's the view looking back through the valley:

And along the beach which also has ruins up along the cliffs in places:

The other thing Olympos is known for are the eternal flames that come out of the mountain. These flames have been burning for thousands of years and scientists still don't really know how...

I found out how:

Nice pose by the flames please guys:

Ahh, that's better:

I decided to test out the fact that the flames have been burning for thousands of years by trying to blow out these flames:

I actually succeeded! Oops, they didn't reignite while I was there, but apparently they do. I felt slightly sorry for the tourist that followed me and for the tourist that happens to walk over it when it does reignite.

Just as well we went up at night, otherwise we might have seen more of these running around:

After Olympos we travelled to Fethiye.

Here we are outside the hotel where we stayed (can recommend Duygu Pension, the guy who runs it was a great guy). Crazy got a kink in his neck from looking around at all the cool stuff in Turkey by this time:

Really didn't know what to make of this advertisement:


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