Toast, Supergroove & Richards Birthday

(03/10/08) - including my Supergroove video


Ahh, another year has raced past and was time to go back to Toast again! Toast is run over three days, one day for the Saffa's, one for Australians and one for Kiwis! Sat was for the Kiwi's.

Toast was held indoors this year, at Olympia:

We chilled out on the ground, drinking and enjoying the sun streaming through the windows:

The Maori club got up on stage to kick things off, with a fantastic Haka as well:

Of course, we all got in on the action:

Time for more beers:

OpShop played before Supergroove, they were great as well:

Crowd gathering, getting read for Supergroove to come on:

Zinzan Brooke up on stage presenting some prizes:

And then it was Supergrooves time to shine!

Karl Steven (lead vocalist) was on fine form, one might say he was freaken loopy, but in a totally awesome way:

Che Fu rockin' the mic:

Che Fu and Karl Steven go hard:

And here's the video of Supergroove in action!

Check it out on youtube or click play below:

After a fantastic day at toast, we took off to Belushi's, London Bridge for Richard's birthday drinks. Richard had Fonzie two thumbs up good time:

And when he needed his other had to prop up his head, James provided the other thumb:

Richard was back to his usual two thumbs up though:

Can't think how Richard got drunk:

A very typical pic here, has all the elements of a night out on the booze with the guys, James's youthful good looks and big grin, Chris's one eye open drunken stare (with a little Blue Steel thrown in for good measure) and Andrew scoring in the background:

Another pic showing the usual elements...

The lovely Bridge and Jules:

And finally, Richard getting a great big birthday hug :-)



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