Thailand - Full Moon Party



After an eight hour stopover for a sleep in smog-free Bangkok...

...we arrived on Koh Samui island, in time for the full moon party that night, heading out to Koh Phangan on a speedboat:

The full moon party is littered with stalls selling buckets, which involve a bottle of vodka or whiskey mixed with an energy drink or two (it was 70 baht to the pound, so a 230B bucket would be a little over 3!!!):

Here's "Leggy" our new pet dog:

Andrew got his Superman tattoo coloured in:

We were keen to get stuck in to some boozing, so after a wander along the already pumping beach we headed off to the bright lights of a bar on the cliffs:

OHHHH!!! Did I say we were gonna do some boozing?!

Hmm, odd coloured drinks, oh well, bottoms up:

We had a great view of the beach while we had our special shakes:

Then we headed back down, special shakes did nothing to Andrew:

Ahh, Welcome to Thailand indeed!

Some drunken revellers, I told these two I'd put their picture on my web site :-) Guys, if you ever remember it (hahahaha) let me know!

More bucket sales, lining the beach where there weren't any clubs or food stalls:

The beach is lined with clubs cranking out different music at each one. It's absolutely fantastic and was just how I remembered it at my first full moon party about 10 or more years ago, perhaps even more full on:

In the wee hours of the morning after the special shakes were wearing off we came across this dude making a sand lady:

We sat down and had a yarn to the people around us, I made my own sculpture. Here's a picture of my balls:

The partying goes on all night and in to the morning:

For some, it gets a bit much:

Then it was back up to the special shake pub to finish off the night:

Woo Hoo! Full moon party kicks ass!


Here's some clips I took of the full moon party, including a big clip at the end of me wandering down the beach through all the people!

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