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I had 2 fantastic days diving in Thailand while I was there. One on the 27th Dec and one on the 30th Dec (next page).

The first day we went to Chumpon Pinnacle and Twin Rock.

Like I said, a stunning day to go diving, the sea was close to a mirror in places:


And the scenery was magnificent. Here's where we stopped off for lunch:

Me with my Divemaster/instructor, Mann:

Thailand has some great coral. Check out these guys, now you see them:

And a fraction of a second later (if you wave your hand over them) you don't!

I saw loads of Pink Anemonefish, fantastic to take photos of and they love protecting their wee spot in the ocean:


Here's an 8 Banded Butterflyfish (note band number 8 right on his tail):

Glug, glug, glug!!! Here's me checking out some Pink Anemonefish:

The head of a large slug:

A large clam:

At the end of my second dive on the 27th Dec I was treated with a big school of these Rabbitfish swimming around me. I took a cool vid of them:

It was almost as stunning above the water as below it:


Next up is my second day of diving...

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