Thailand - Koh Samui

(11/01/08) - Two Pages

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After one heck of an introduction to Thailand at the full moon party, we settled down to do what we came for, relaxing on the beach:


Here's a lady getting my snack of grilled corn and pineapple on a stick ready:

Apart from sunning ourselves and reading, we took a few strolls along the beach to check out the local fishermen:

Here's a photo at the end of Lamai beach, showing it stretch off, around the corner in the far distance:

Oh yeah, heaps of eating was involved too, with some fantastic views:

Not forgetting the drinking! After one particular night out after SOME of us had a few Tequila's (not me of course, you should all know my philosophy about that, especially Cullen), James woke up with this scar:

I'd like to tell you it was from a kung-foo street fight and you should've seen the other guys, but James scored this injury from walking in to a pole.

As James was saying "you're right, Tony, Nothing good ever comes from doing, Tequila"

I played it safe and didn't drink too heavily, only enough to make me Mr Charming and be able to score a bunch of chicks:

We came across this interesting bar... please read what it says in the right hand window:

(no condoms required)

We couldn't work out what the hell was going on in this pub, but we thought better of going in.

You're constantly hassled by guys on the beach selling you shiit, such as these lanterns. You never buy this crap unless you're drunk:

Here's one way you can get drunk, buying buckets. These involve a cup of vodka and a few cans of "snake" energy drink.

We found a huge sponsored party along the beach where we drunk the buckets and I got to meet Hero from the TV show Heroes!!!

(well, it sure looks like him...)

Drinking lots of booze means we had to make a few trips to the cash machine. This one didn't earn our trust enough to use:

More boozing, the ladies were only too keen to entertain us.

We usually felt they were a bit dodgy, but this one made us felt that she wasn't dangerous somehow...

Being a geek, I had to take a pic of the Captain Kirk restaurant. Seriously, I'd like to see the other ideas the guy who named this restaurant came up with before he decided that this was the best name he could think of:

We splashed out one night and went to a damn nice restaurant (not Captain Kirks) called Eat Sense:

James, Andrew and I

After a damn nice feed it was off to party as usual:

I met Hero again....

Pushing through the crowed streets:

Read on for our New Years Celebration Pics!


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