Stockholm summary: Gorgeous city, 30% parks and green spaces, built over a bunch of islands (24,000 islets apparently) and waterways that's freaken expensive (much more so than London for booze and food).

We were treated with a fantastic sunset over New Zealand as we came in on the plane (can ya see the North and South Island?!):

And proceeded straight to the bar where Andrew proceeded straight to the women:

Everyone then proceeded straight to getting drunk and climbing on stuff after we finally left the pub:

James and I practiced our kung-foo, as you do at 4am in Stockholm hours after you arrive:

Mr perfect:

Um, some crazy antics:

Even Stockholm's subway network is fantastic, it forms the worlds largest art exhibition, with all the stations done up:

We were treated to some fantastic weather while we were there, being around lots of water is really soothing as well:

Down one of the busy tourist streets in the old town:

Near the place where Andrew and I learned that you can never beat the guy with the three cups and a ball...

Fantastic buildings along the waterfront with boats capable of cloning themselves:

To the right you can see Vasamuseet, which is a museum which houses a large ship that went down in 1628 as soon as it was launched (some dumbass overloaded it with canons), a must see:

And here's the ship:

James smashing the wooden statue that got in the way:

Must have taken a couple of days to carve the back of the boat:

Here's some well preserved heads from the people that were on the ship:

There was also a theme park nearby with a bunch of rides in it, Crazy, Andrew and myself went on this one, which makes you shiit your pants when it comes back down:

Great view at the top of the old town:

Here's a guy who went on the ride, he got a big load of Plopp in his pants:

And more general merriment:

Catching a ferry to another part of the city for dinner:

View back to the rides, showing the Plopp producer tower to the right:

The Swedes really love to go out to a good Bar for some Kok:

Chilling out on the grass on the last day:



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