Stef's Going Away Drinks



Well, it's Stef's last day in London today, end of an 8 year era.

To send him off in style we all got on the piiss Fri after work, starting off at Belushis, which has been a classic haunt over the years, mainly due to the 2 4 1 offers on beer :-):

Here's Andrew showing off how straight and big his teeth are, poor Richard had a nasty accident with the back of my hand and this is as straight as he can stand these days:

James pulled Bec's and Bridget. Bridget kissed him first, I don't think she was impressed with his technique:

Bec's kissed James soooo hard that is sucked his legs up in to his mid section, causing him to become a dwarf. Shan didn't wanna miss out on the James action, so she leaped in:

Dennis and I don't know what edge James has with the ladies, especially considering how good looking we are:

And who could resist our blue steel?

We left Belushis and headed to Temple Walkabout to really sink some booze. We hired about half a dozen tuk-tuks and raced through London on them, screaming "GO FASTER, GO FASTER" at the guys doing all the peddling, while grabbing at the nearest tuk-tuk and attempting to tip them over. Awesome fun, although Dennis got a little scared:

Some air guitar was on order at the Walkabout to calm the nerves:

The floor was really slippery at the Walkabout, especially when Crazy dropped a bottle of bubbly on the ground, Shan and Ian had a hard time standing up:

Bridge and Shan, in need of some Sun:


We hired a dwarf to take this pic:

Ian wasn't impressed with the taste of the snakebites at the Walkabout:

Dennis and I, yelling "No, you're the coolest", "No YOU'RE the coolest!" at each other, or something like that I imagine:

Turns out, we were BOTH the coolest, and by coolest, I mean drunkest:

Turns out Stef is a Terminator robot with glowing eyes:

Stu, pretty sad to see Stef go:

Boozed-up cam:

Really, I don't know what I can say about this pic:

Word-up, yo!

Ahh good, the booze spilt all over me had mostly dried by this stage, Bridget, Dennis and Lindsey were there to inspect my, dryness:

Matt, Stef, Dennis, Ian and I, discussing super-string theory and subatomic electroweak particle interaction in a group huddle again:

Mark and Bridget, with some freak in the background popping his head up:

I found a Cullen look-alike at the pub:

Hmm, someone remind me to punch Crazy for hitting on Bridget next time I see him...

Vanilla Ice even made an appearance at Stef's going away!

Shan, Stef and I:

Looks like Andrew has just come up for air...

Mark and Shan, showing how blue steel should be done:

And finally James, showing us the strip routine he does for the crowd at the Blue Oyster:

Was a freaken sweet night, that's for sure, so good in fact that the bouncers kicked me out of the Walkabout at the end of the night (best recollection, was due to repeatedly ignoring the bouncers requests to stop spinning Stef around like a helicopter), was OK, time to leave anyway :-)

Will miss ya, Stef.



By Tony Baker: email