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For Matt's first stag do, Crazy, me, Matt and Richard took off to Engelberg for a long weekend to do some snowboarding!

(yes, Richard went snowboarding and wasn't too bad)

We arrived late at night, so we didn't get to see any scenery on the way there in the pitch black, but HOLY COW, were we treated so one awesome view when we woke up! Here's what I was greeted with when I pulled the curtains back:

Simply spectacular:

So it was off up the mountain! Engelberg field isn't overly large:

(hey, I'm used to the Three Valleys) but it was great for a weekend. Here's the view down the cable car (top of Stand):

After your fist trip up the cable car, you simply stand there for a while taking it all in. Couldn't have asked for batter weather:

Birds were flying just out of reach on the viewing platform, riding the gusts of winds coming up the mountain, sometimes snatching bits of bread out of peoples hands:

Here's the view down from the top of the Titlis (rotating gondola) to the top of the Cable Car:

We were treated with some fantastic powder on our first day! Here's matt making sure to dive (not fall) into it to cover himself in all its glory:

I decided to give old-school skiing a go as well:

Of course, we got stuck in to a beer or two at lunchtime:

Crazy was all excited, because he saw a patch of untracked powder behind us at lunch, which would require a bit of climbing to get to the top of, but looked pretty sweet:

Here's a snap Matt took, I've added a red arrow pointing to Crazy to give you an idea of size:

It was a real grind getting up there:

When we were almost at the top, Matt popped in to view just ahead of us as he had taken a more direct (uphill) route, the baastard!!!

We were treated with yet another fantastic view:

We timed it so that we'd all go down at the same time. Unfortunately, Crazy decided to trek a little further than Matt and I and Crazy ended up snowboarding across rocks, tumbling and falling while I nailed the run down (which was spectacular).

Check out the video here! Includes a wee bit of Matt and I playing in the powder first:

download (small)

on youtube (medium)

or just click play below:

Crazy really nailed his board on the rocks that you hear him talk about in the vid:


Read on for some drunken pics and Crazy's near death accident!


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