Snowboarding in 3 Valleys

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Had a fantastic week away in the 3 Valleys last week. Snow wasn't the best (they desperately need snow now) but was heaps of fun.

So, it was off, off and away up the chair-lift! See if you can make out Stu in this pic:

The weather consisted of gorgeous blue sky days. Here's a snap of the airport (you can also make out a couple of jet streams above the mountain):

Another pic of Stu, pretty stoked with the weather:

Here's my "man of the mountain" pose:

Simply awesome scenery, especially on top of the mountains:

Looking down the cable car towards Courchevel:

Stu and Sam:

Stef stopping for a breather after carving up some piste:

At the end of the day, enjoying a few beers (Stu, Stef, Sam and myself):

Stu was all about style on the mountain:

Stef had all the substance (always beating us down the mountain, ahem):

Watching the sun set behind the mountain while drinking a few beers after a hard day snowboarding with close mates is one of the finer things to do in life:

Here's Meels the next day, carving it up down Jerusalem:

Grant wizzing past as well:

Enjoying a fantastic lunch, Nick, myself, Stef, Mark, Sam and Stu:

Taking a few clues from Stu, Mark decided to touch up his makeup to add a bit more style for the ladies:

We did have some off piste action, we hit a bit that was a bit much for Sam though... Enjoy ya trip, Sam?! Bah hahahah!

More fantastic views across the Alps:

On the lift back up to La Tania we got to enjoy some paragliding above us which provided some sweet entertainment:

An arty-farty shot through the trees as we were going up the chairlift:

Here's a bit of La Tania where we were staying. View from the pub with some mulled wine warming us up and cool beer cooling us back down:

It's always very important to observe safety notices in the gondola, especially when you go snowboarding in suit and tie. Apparently you have to be careful not to scuff your suede shoes in the door or mess up your slicked back hair in the wind by poking it out the window:


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