SW4 is a large open air rave that takes place once a year in Clapham Common.

This year, Ilke, Dennis, Lindsey, Bridget, Becs, Shea and I went as a group, starting off on Shea's rooftop terrace for a Champagne breakfast:

Seeing as you're outdoors the whole time, we were sure to bring our sunnies:

Although Dennis can get a wee bit paranoid about eye protection at times:

Here we are, limbering up for the next DJ:

Dennis correcting Lindsey's technique on the two handed, straight-armed boogie-jibe (that's the scientific term for it anyway)

Don't worry, it WAS finally pointed out to Dennis and I that our eyes are further up on our heads than we thought they were:

Jake and Karen testing to see if the ground is firm enough for the two handed, straight-armed boogie-jibe. Last year hundreds of people were hospitalised in a tragic over-boogie which caused the ground to give way:

Apparently, after copious amounts of booze, I really love acid house:

Dennis and Shea doing the leg-pop. Unfortunately for Shea, he fell over in to a clowns makeup kit moments before this pic was taken:

Of course, I had to step in and show the guys how it's REALLY done::

I had to go the extra distance with my DOUBLE pop to wow the crowd (I'm such an attention wh0re, not many people know that)

Special note: Kids, please don't attempt the double pop at home. I'm a trained professional and I've seen too many lives cut short trying to emulate my magnificence.

Shea doing the cell phone boogie:

Finally after much leaping around we finished the night back at Fergal's. He didn't have a stereo in his lounge, fortunately, so Dennis and I stepped up and provided the music with a little air guitar for added showmanship:




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