Putney Xmas Party

(19/12/08) - Four pages

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I tried to filter down the shear number of pics, but there are simply so many cracker ones that it stretched out to 4 pages. Enjoy!

We held this years Xmas party at Jolly's in Putney two weeks ago. Andrew was the legend who organised this year, promising that we'd get "mould" wine if we turned up with Xmas hats:

Denns also turned with his New Years, Easter, Weekend, Weekday, summer, Xmas T-Shirt to delight us all!

Byron on the left was so cool he had other parties to go to and didn't hang around too long:

Andrew not quite up with the specifics of how to French kiss:

Santa Shea and Terry:

Andrew after another had wardrobe change, from sultry to sassy with this one:

Ohh, time for some "Mould" wine:

Mark seemed rather jealous of Andrews virginal colour hat:

Shan soon turned up, greeted by the usual round of hugs from us guys:

Pretty Chur, ay bro!

Shea pondering just how mouldy his wine is, Ian seems pretty happy with his:

Caroline and Terry with their Xmas grins:

Boys getting through their drinks:

Thankfully a feed turned up to starve off the drunkenness for a wee bit...

Then it was Secret Santa time!

Lovely toolset for Bridge:

Movie for Shea to relate too:

Sexy pillow cases:

Ian got a magnetic sculpture:

Ilke seemed to think that Shea was a bit of a loser here...


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