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Leading down towards the hedge maze:

Bridget showing me her Y-M-C-A dance on top of an arch:

She needed a sit down, after exhausting herself doing it:

Bridge on a bridge, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

We came across this huge mirror that was laid down on the grass:

Me testing to see how much it takes to tip over this statue:

Enjoying the last of the afternoon sun (was probably about 4pm):

I came across some surprising things in the garden:

Looking back at Chatsworth House:

Taking in the view:

And finally, we actually ventured INSIDE! Good to see that they knew I was coming, even if they used my middle name:

Every room was done up in a different Xmas theme:

Totally over the top, totally English:

This must be the Kiwi Xmas tree, we had to get a photo of the sheep... No, I didn't pretend to hump them with families passing through:

Was totally impressive, photos can't really do the place justice:

Driftwood Xmas Tree:

I rather liked the lion statues:

Is statue again, bro?! hahahaha:

Here's me, hoping that candle light will make me more photogenic:

I didn't like this statue very much, the finger was at exactly the wrong height:

And one last wander outside again at twilight:

Part of the Xmas market that was there:

And a nice twilight pic to finish off with:

And that was it! I totally recommend chilling out in the Peak District and checking out Chatsworth House if you're passing by.

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