Bridget and I went to Paris a few weeks ago for a relaxing weekend away, arriving early Sat morning via the Eurostar. BTW, is it just me, or does the Eurostar wobble around the whole bloody time it's travelling? You think they'd make the train tracks straight. Oh well.

I've been over Paris for years and didn't do anything more for me, thought it was overrated. Before we went this time, however, I came across this link to 50 things to do in Paris, which proved to be fantastic! Bridget and I did a whole lot of secondary stuff over the weekend, minus going to Notre Dame in Paris, although its had a massive clean and looks totally different to how I remembered it years ago:

Looks so much better:

You can see here in a couple of the arches how black it used to be:

After we wandered over to the north side of the river, we stumbled across St Paul, which was pretty cool:

We eventually arrived at Place des Vosges (#27), which was great to wander around:

Nice wee park:

This guy died from wounds sustained in battle, according to my knowledge of statues:

Here's Place De La Nation

One of the most fantastic things we discovered, was walking the Green Miles (#38). I really recommend anyone going to Paris to check it out.

The defunct railway tracks atop the Viaduc des Arts have been replaced by a pathway planted with roses, shrubs and rosemary. Several miles long, it gives high-level views over the whole area – even into people’s apartments for a glimpse of Parisian home life.

Was very, very cool, I was impressed. You can see here how it's raised above street level:

As you wander along the garden themes change:

Ya get great views of the city as well:

Here's me, not posing as usual:

Bridget is pretty good at speaking French, here she is showing me how good she is at writing it:

Ohhhhh, how LOVELY!

Yeah, well, didn't expect that to last long did ya?

Lots more wandering around (mixed in with heaps of coffee shop stops):

Notre Dame again:

After crashing out for a few hours (due to our early rising), we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. You can see all those pics on my previous page.

We took off to hang out by Canal St the next day (#50).

I showed Bridget the French that I picked up while I was there:

And we also stumbled across a fantastic park (Parc Des Buttes-Chaumont) after we finished wandering along the Canal:

Was brilliant for lying down on the grass in the sun:

And checking out the Paris skyline from its rocky hill:

And that was basically it for us! We spent the rest of the day eating, wandering through the city and checked out number 7, before jumping back on the Eurostar for a wobbly ride home!

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