Our Flat Warming



Thanks heaps to all of ya who managed to make it to Bridget's and my flat warming last Sat! Was a fantastic night!

The theme was "Upper Class", here's a selection of ya:

Your hosts:

Andrew was the one who stole the show early on... Thankfully changing soon after arriving...

Here's an amusing video of Andrew parading around when we got him to change back in to his outfit later on in the night, WELL worth watching... :-)

Crazy and Marta also put in a fantastic effort:

Sword fights over a fair maiden:

Um... OK...

Bridget getting some snacks sorted to help soak up the alcohol:

Crazy helping Bridget out in the kitchen, doing some cutting:

A wonderful pic of Dennis and Lindsey, looks like I happened to be walking past in the background:

Dennis, sober as usual:

Oops! Looks like the chair moved all on its own:

Yeah, the borat outfit made some rounds:

Stu found that his eyebrows had an allergic reaction to the booze he was drinking:

A fairly typical pic of Dennis and I:

Stu and I undercover, waiting for Andrew to walk past in his borat outfit for a butt smacking:

Nothing like some dirty dancing in the kitchen:



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