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I was lucky enough to get some great weather when I was back in NZ, even luckier to actually see Mt Egmont!

People not in the know call it Mt Taranaki. Well, OK, the OFFICIAL name is Mt Egmont/Taranaki.

Another snap, showing a good ol' NZ trough:

Here's my Granddad's (RIP) shed. These two 90 degree pics are made by stitching 4 pics together

I also got to experience New Plymouth's new seafront walkway. Truly is a sunning achievement for New Plymouth. Basically, it used to be a dump before the council did it up. Would've helped to no end to earn New Plymouth the best city in the world to live in for populations between 25k and 70k people.

Here's the exit of Huatoki Stream (by the wind wand) which flows through New Plymouth, and is where my Auntie and I started our walk:

Passing along the breakwater which is made up of boulders that have come from Mt Egmont eruptions:

Walked past a couple taking their wedding photos:

What's cool is that one minute you're walking past something as baron as this:

And then you come across the entrance to the Te Henui Walkway:

The walkway leads through New Plymouth:

Following the Te Henui Stream, which is sunk down below the busyness of the city:

Some houses along the walkway, pretty sweet back yard views!

It's hard to even know you're walking through a city:

You can just make out Girls High Bridge in this pic:

Coming to a clearing:

Across the bridge leading up to a climb up a hill:

A lot more NZ greenery on the next page!

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