My Birthday

(30/06/08) - including video, added 27/10/08


Here's a link to the video, a must see

My actual birthday was yesterday (29th June) and I had a combined party on Sat with Mel to celebrate it and Mel's going away (she left yesterday):

Many thanks to all of ya who managed to make it! Was a fantastic day out in the sun, starting with poker soon after noon and ended up continuing till about 3am down at The Fez ;-)

Bridget made a fantastic birthday cake for me, involving a candle she brought from a pyrotechnic shop which folded out in to a flower after shooting flames up in to the air. She knows what I like :-)

Dennis seemed to really enjoy the cake:

And so did Andrew:

Not really sure why, but the ol' straws behind the ears came out at one stage:

Poor Ian was too drunk to work out where his ear was:

Also, eating raw potatoes and onions happened. Don't know how the hell a raw potato and onion came to visit our table, but Lindsey, being Irish tucked in, seeing as it's a national delicacy:

Lindsey also make me a fantastic birthday card:

Richard was next in line for the potato, being a vegetarian:

While Andrew tucked in to the onion, on a dare with Ian:

Ian said he's eat a whole ice cube if Andrew ate the onion:

Ian won:

Andrew went on to eat most of the the raw potato, a lemon and various parts of the bush behind Dennis after Dennis scrounged around in it finding stuff for Andrew to eat.

Ian, Shan and Craaaaaazy John:

The compulsory Dennis and Tony pic:

Dennis helped me create a traditional Maori headdress:

James trying to look prettier than Bridget and failing:

Dennis, with his smouldering, seductive look in full swing:

Wandering down to the Fez club, I don't know why or how I got a pink scarf around my neck, Dennis doesn't seem to know either:

Dennis with his one-eyed Vanilla Ice impersonation:

Drinks before the Fez:




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