Matt's Stag Do

(14/04/08) - Two Pages

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A bunch of us guys got on the lash for Matt's stag do a couple of Fridays ago.

Before he put on the suit that Crazy gave him:


It was fat-bat's mission to seek out and find ladies to have a photo with. Here's fat-bat's first score:

Downing a few shots to get his super powers fired up:

Scott going for a cheeky feel:

Stef giving fat-bat a raspberry (I hope that's all):

Fat bat after climbing up Covent Garden markets:

fat-bat helping a broken down cabbie:

Fat bat informing the public about the fabulous price of a Bistro dinner:

Fat bat after nipple lactation:

Who's the fattest?!

Fat bat directing traffic:


letting it all hang out:

Another cheeky feel:

Another score of the evening:

Crazy showing that he's fatter than fat-bat (along with his snowboarding accident result):


Read on for even drunker pics...

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