(25/06/08) - Two Pages


Well, not much to say about this holiday really! All we did was drink Sangria and lie in the sun (when it was sunny), which was exactly what we wanted to do!

Was a bit of a bugger having to take the brolly to the beach on the first day:

But we countered that by doing a Sangria pub crawl, starting at the harbour:

Basically we just got really, really drunk together, taking snaps of clouds which looked awesome when we were drunk:

We ended up waking up back at our hotel room, wondering how we got back. I came across this postcard back in our room and had a flashback of us buying stuff for breakfast in the morning and giggling hysterically at the postcard thinking about how much my Mum would love it:

Of course, I sent the postcard to Mum.

The next couple of days were much sunnier, so we went to the beach and, guess what, drank Sangria:

The sugar in Sangria can make you a bit energetic at times:

Um, yep, more Sangria drinking:

Oh, I DID get around to doing some body surfing, and laughing at the guys jumping around in the sea whose togs accidently fell down:

And here's the beach itself!

Majorca/Mallorca, was a great place to unwind. There were an astounding amount of English people there though, probably a higher concentration than back in London!



By Tony Baker: email