Lake Accotink Springfield

(07/02/08) - Two Pages


I'm in the States until the 8th Feb for work, and on Sat I went for a wander around Lake Accotink near my boss Jim's place where I'm staying.

I wouldn't say that Americans are keen on their signage, but there is a freaken STOP sign at the park entrance on the footpath. I mean, come ON!

I brazenly strolled past the stop sign without stopping, just to show the Americans who's boss, only for a squirrel to steam across the walkway, clipping the front of my shoe, sending me spinning across the track in to a tree creating a half mile tailback. I had to endure comments from passers by such as:

"You Nude Zee landers not obeying our walkway laws! Go jump on your kangaroo and hop back to Sydney why don't ya!"


"Crazy Kee Wees! Shouldn't you be at home chucking shrimps on your grills?!"

I took a photo of the baaastards that took me out:

OK, that's creative writing class over. Here's a few more snaps, of good ol' suburban America:

Stink, I had to ditch my drugs when I came up to the school. I thought the local school ALLOWED drugs, I felt so stupid:

More proof that I'm in America:

Strolling through "forest":

Here's a dam at one end of the lake, you can see a railroad bridge to the left:

After the stop sign commotion, I decided not to stand on the rail way tracks on a funny angle with my arms in the air after seeing this sign:

Wandering around the lake some more:

Here's my King of the forest pose, I am Tony, hear me ROAR!




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