Isle of Wight Festival



Bridget, Shea, Ilke, Anna, Fergal and I went to the Isle of Wight Festival a few weeks ago.

You may night have realised this, but you have to go via ferry to get to the Isle, there's no tunnel:

We brought a lot of shiit with us:

Which paid off at the camp site, however! Chilling out around a barbie when we arrived with a few Vodka mixes was very welcome:

So was playing poker in the fantastic weather during the day! We roped in a dude from a neighbouring tent so we could win more money ;-)

Didn't see any problems the whole weekend, but we saw a few people who had a bit much to drink:

View towards the main stage, I had to stand on Shea's shoulders to get this shot:

OK, fine, it was on a fun fair ride:

Anna and Bridget:

Crowd soaking up the sun with some looming clouds in the background over the mainland, which didn't get any closer:

Here's a few crowd shots:

Anna's really short:

Ilke, Shea and Shea's gimp went on some of the fun fair rides as well (Shea doesn't believe in locking his gimp up in a box while he's not using him):

Here's Fergal, getting all excited. He's a ninja and was able to catch his hat as soon as the wind blew it off:

Wave ya hands in the air!

Like ya just don't care:

Some really famous dude on stage:

Bridge and I, with Anna on her tippy toes:

Great lighting effects:

We even found a spare 30 mins to knock up a sand sculpture:

More poker the next day:

Shea is special indeed:

Back to the main area:

We saw the Australian Pink Floyd Experience as well, they were awesome, packing out the main tent:

On the last full day, we took off in the morning to go to the beach. Ilke didn't wanna go for a swim, so Fergal and Shea encouraged her to try:

We decided to change from playing poker to playing memory, I was of course really, really awesome at it, except I drank beer and ended up pretending to be really, really craap:

Fergal showing Ilke how to dance:

Catching the last of the days rays:

A huge final applause at the end of Isle of Wight:

Was a fantastic festival, really well run. Looking forward to V now!



By Tony Baker: email