Crazy and I popped over to Helsinki a few weeks ago to catch up with Ray (who lives there) and Chris (who happened to be passing through there on holiday).

We were greeted at the airport by the guys, who came prepared with beers, in a black garbage back (of course):

Poor Ray had stuffed his leg qualifying for Rugby and had to hop along on crutches:

Didn't slow him or us down though...

We went straight out and got wasted at the Auzzie bar in Helsinki. Was pretty freaky being so far north as well, never got that dark, sun starts coming up again just after 3am...

Apparently I wasn't impressed with waiting to get hotdogs for the guys on our way home. I asked if they do vegetarian hot dogs for Chris, they said "yep" and gave him a hot dog bun with tomato sauce and mustard in it...

Here we all are outside Ray and Minttu's house the next day:

We took off to a lake to chill out at in the sun and have a few beers to aid us in getting over our hangover. Even managed to find some snow in the 20 degree heat to keep our beers cold:

We eventually found our way back in to the city for another night on the lash, going to the highest bar in Helsinki to enjoy the sunset at 11:30pm:

The bogs also had a great view:

Ray and Chris in the ladies loo:

Here's Chris, trying to look more sexy than the Scandinavian ladies:

He obviously did a pretty good job at looking sexy, as the ladies weren't afraid to get close to him:

He continued with the sexy Blue Steel look, while I gave out my own vibe... of drunken foreigner:

Go Blue Steel, GO!!!

Ray and I eventually gave in to the force, and Blue Steeled as well, just to fit in:

Resulting in the ladies no longer screwing their faces up at us:

By then, however, the night and the ladies belonged to Chris:

And it was back to the UK again on Sunday, after a nice hangover beer and brunch at a waterside cafe:




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