Fun Night Out



A bunch of us went out Fri night on the extra long Easter weekend for a bit of a knees up and to say hooray to Adele and Zara who have just headed back to Oz (Stef's staying on a few more months for work).

After a few drinkies at Stef and Adele's place, we headed over to Crazy's for some, well, crazy time!

Here's Andrew (way in the background) James, Stu, Me, Stef, Dennis, Bridget, Chris, Richard, Crazy and Lindsey:

We sat around relaxing on the couch drinking:

James entertained us with his Hitler impersonation, Richard showed us how to hypnotise a bottle of wine while Andrew practices his GQ magazine cover look:

I relaxed and unwound, listening to some soothing music while Lindsey hid behind me:

Andrew called Richard a lady boy, so Richard took him out, while Crazy queued up some more funky beats:

I supervised Crazy while Richard did a stalker impersonation to entertain everyone:

Stu's been trying to learn how to spell "blood" with his fingers, here he is with his best one yet, I'm of course encouraging him, not mocking his attempts whatsoever:

Chris and I, the masters:

Dennis and I in a classic pose, one to print out and show our Mum's:

Bridget dropped her camera and everyone went to pick it up at the same time just as it went off, you can imagine the sore heads! Ow said Richard and Stu:

Crazy couldn't work out how to use the funny rectangle with lots of squares and weird red glowing box next to the PC, Lindsey showed him how and taught him to call them a keyboard and mouse:

Bridget and I doing blue steel:

I stood up to fast at one stage and got a head spin, so Richard and Bridget rushed over to steady me while James posed for a Playgirl cover:

Finally, at the end of Crazy time, Stef needed a hug and kiss cos he was sad that Adele and Zara are going back to Oz without him, so we all gave him one. James's forearm was sticky with beer so I had to lick it off:

Booze, not just for Granddad.

By Tony Baker: email