A Few Things I've Noticed Recently



You CAN eat a full breakfast in the morning, even if you're really pressed for time:

The view from corporate boxes at Wembley is pretty sweet, but the FA guys do everything possible to ruin your fun, the box curtains have to be pulled 15 mins before to 15 mins after the game, have to keep the doors shut and you're not allowed to drink while outside sitting down! Waaaankers:

If you mix alcohol and fire with Dennis and I, you get trouble:

Wii's are damn good fun, everyone enjoys them:

Richard is cool:

London's weather is ROCKING right now and it's parks are an awesome place to hang out:

And Mel knows how to throw a great party for her 30th:

My Niece, Tyla, is still one of the most gorgeous little girls on this planet, even when she pulls faces like this:

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