Farnborough Air Show (and boozing)

(07/08/08) - Two Pages, video added 27/10/08

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AIRSHOW!!! How BORING I hear you say (well, that's what Stu said, but he changed his mind).

Here's a video for ya to watch first up, gives you some idea of what it was like:

The Farnborough air show has been going for 60 years and all the latest military hardware turns up to the show with top gun pilots flying them to show what they're capable of.

Well, some of the aircraft had pilots, some didn't:

The Red Arrows were one of the first performances to go up. These air force "top-guns" perform some crazy stunts, only 6 feet apart, such as taxing out on to an airfield REALLY close together:

Oh, and flying through the air:

Ya gotta love em:

The Airbus A380 was also on display, I think this is a pic of it:

The airbus is just plane (ha ha) freaken MASSIVE:

Here's the Eurofighter taking off:

The Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet (seriously, these planes are phenomenal in what they can do, they take off after a couple hundred meters and go straight up):

This is the Bell/Agusta BA-609 Tilt Rotor, the propellers tilt forward in the air to convert it to a normal plane after it take off vertically:

Apache aircraft, doing some loops:

And this freaken thing is the Avro Vulcan B-2. Holy SHIIT it makes a hell of a noise when it takes off:

And here's some hunk of junk that didn't actually take off, it veered off the runway and aborted it's takeoff. Didn't explode in to a ball of flames:

We all got a bit carried away with this whole flying lark:

The Royal Navy is an equal opportunities employer when it comes to its helicopter crew:

Some other plane flying over:

Here's some of the planes that have been fu<king up Iraq and Afghanistan:

Read on for the drunken pics:

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