Croyde, Devon



Bridget, Stu, Mel and I took off to Croyde the other weekend. Croyde is a pretty nice surf beach in the South West of England.

We booked out a batch cottage by the beach:

The cottage was a stroll across a field to the beach:

The surf was pretty rubbish, so we brought some stunt kites and had a blast with them! They're fantastic fun! Had dog fights for hours.

Here's a pic of Stu repairing his kite after I took it out of the sky with my patented "Tony's death plunge" manoeuvre:

There were some other entertaining people on the beach as well:

The next day we took off around the coast a bit more to Woolacombe and checked out that beach, after playing some mini golf:

The beach around there was also pretty sweet:

Changing booths on the right:

The changing booths are used to, well, change in as well as make a pot of tea, get out of any rainy weather and store any of ya beach stuff in. I found my Mum's one, which was locked:

Ahh, nothing quite like chilling out on the beach, relaxing...

...of course, Stu and I got bored quickly and had to leap around like idiots:

Mel and Bridget took the following two pics at the same time:

The swell was rubbish for surfing again, but enough for some people...

That evening we went back in to Croyde village to the pub for dinner:

On the last day, we brought the kites out again for some more dog fighting:

and Stu and I brought a skim board and gave that a go:

There were the obvious spills:

On our way back to London, we went to Cheddar gorge (where Cheddar cheese originated from, surprisingly). We checked out the caves:

And we climbed up to the top of the Gorge itself for some cool snaps:

Stu's in the distance:

Have to be careful not to slip...

Was a fantastic weekend away!



By Tony Baker: email