Cologne, Germany

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Went to Germany a few weeks ago, Kent's living there so was great excuse to see him and Chris.

Here's Kent, Bridget, me, Stu, Crazy, Andrew and Chris outside the Dom cathedral:

And here we are again, outside the Dom cathedral (we liked the cathedral):

Here's a snap of Cologne taken as we were flying in, you can see the Dom cathedral right in the centre:

Cologne is a fairly gorgeous city:

Some snaps as we were walking along the waterfront:

This area's known as the Fish market, buildings restored to look like they did in the 17th century:

Here's the Dom again (which is by the central rail station):

Night time snap of it taken from the other side:

Venturing inside:

You can climb waaay up one of the towers

At the top, FINALLY!

Fantastic view across Cologne, here's the railway bridge leading in to the main station:

View out west:

Looking up to the top from the outside:

Sitting around having a few quiets...

...which led to the inevitable:

A drunken night time snap of a Roman Tower, built around 50BC:


Read on for more pics of Cologne:

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