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James, myself, Marta, Crazy, Bridget and Andrew went to Budapest for the weekend on the 25th:

It was fantastic! Some glorious building to check out, such as St Stephens Basilica:

St Stephens Basilica has St Stephens mummified hand in it as well! It's called the Holy Right hand and is stored here:

Here's the other side of St Stephens:

Bridget and I, complying with local zoning laws (hey, went in Rome Hungry, right?):

We found some glorious ruins as well. Bridget had visited Budapest before and showed us a traditional dance:

We were all trying to work out what this dude was staring at:

Then we realised, it was Parliament (reminded me a lot of Westminster):

We wandered past Parliament and headed over to Margaret Island:


Where we found ways of entertaining ourselves:

We were lucky enough to see the very rare "Crazymerecat", which is indigenous to Hungry and hides out in trees, there are very few of them left after the great beating of '95:

Ohhhh! Here's the gorgeous Bridget with me! Parliament in the background:

And yet another view of Parliament across the river:

Some church we walked past...

...on the way up to see the Fisherman's Bastion:

An artyfarty view of St Stephens:

Wandering around the wall towards the Fisherman's Bastion:

View across Budapest, parliament to the centre-left across the river and St Stephens to the centre-right:

Fisherman's Bastion:


Read on for some great scenic pics and some rather amusing drunk ones:

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