Bridget and Tania's Leaving Drinks



It was Bridget's last day at her old work yesterday and Tania's last night in London, so we had a wee glass of alcohomahol to celebrate!

Here are the lovely ladies in question:

Mum said that Tania and I had to have at least one nice picture taken of us:

Proceeded by the obligatory fight about who is most gorgeous:

Guess who won that:

Dennis rocked along as well, Dennis and I got the dance floor started:

Lindsey turned up as well, to help prop up Bridget:

Richard arrived and didn't drink or get at all drunk:

Dennis stayed sober as well:

Jenny and Bec's, wondering if their photo is gonna turn up on my web site:

Smile ladies!

Lindsey is quite delicious, apparently:

But not as delicious as my Cuzzy Tania, says Richard:

Starting to get-on-DOWN on the dance floor, strike a pose!

Bec's amused by how much her pits smell:

We danced so hard the roof started caving in!

Richard, sticking to his no booze philosophy:

And finally, Bridge and I took off home in my car (I like my cars to match my shirts):

Drinking booze at going away parties, it's fun!



By Tony Baker: email