Wembley Stadium - Muse



I went with Stu and Kent to see "My Chemical Romance" and "Muse" play at Wembley Stadium yesterday. I must admit, I mainly went there just to check out the new stadium!

Here's Kent and Stu. Stu's pretending to me an "EMO" in this pic, slitting his wrists with his keys:

Not being totally up to date with what the cool teenage kids are calling themselves these days, Stu had to explain to me that Emo stands for Emotional and basically it's kids who dress in black and do stuff like wear red eye makeup to make it look like they're crying blood. They go about cutting themselves and trying to commit suicide to be stylish.

I learned that Emo's are not the same as Elmo or Emu's and offence can be caused if you refer to Emo's as such.

Stu also provided me with a couple of links, one being a news article about Emo's and the other, a rather amusing clip about how to be Emo..

All I know is that I found it rather amusing when Stu said he saw a T-Shirt with the slogan: "I which my lawn was Emo, so it would cut itself".

Anyway, here is the outside of the new Wembley Stadium, with its glorious arch:

...the view across London from inside...

...and the rather breath taking view inside. Lets just say it's freaken big and this pic doesn't really do it much justice:

Here's a few pics of My Chemical Romance and Muse playing:

I also found out that My Chemical Romance is the band that all the Elmo's, Emu's, Emo's listen too and we were expecting to see puddles of red blood on the white floor at the end of the concert, but there were none.

Muse's stage performance was pretty darn cool:

The base of the arch at night:

And Wembley Stadium all lit up:

We also found out that the best way to get home is to head towards Wembley Central station and go in to the Bakerloo line heading North to skip all the queues. The north and south entrance both meet up at the same place...


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