Waitangi Day Circle Line Pub Crawl



What a cracker of a day! The Circle Line Pub Crawl 2007 again proved itself to be the best day on the calendar for any Kiwi in London. Far from being full of the protests and shiit that you get back home, Waitangi Day in London is a day that thousands of Kiwi's pull together to form the largest pub crawl you're ever likely to be on. With not an agro person in sight the whole day and everyone beaming from ear to ear it's hard not to be proud to be a Kiwi.

Here's Andrew, Shea, Crazy, Me and Kent:

Crazy and I raced down to Argos a couple of days before hand and brought a stereo that plays mp3's so we had Kiwi sounds cranking out the whole day. That proved to be a total winner and an easy way to instantly make friends of everyone around ya:

A few of the pubs knew we were coming (and so they should! The pub crawl has existed since 1976 - the same year I was born by the way, coincidence? I think not).

Some great Kiwi's were in our thoughts on the day:

Playing spot the best T-Shirt slogan was great fun, with this one being the most ironic:

And this one being just one step down from "Cook the man some fu<ken eggs":

This outfit one of the more spectacular. I had to double check to make sure it wasn't Cullen who had sneaked back to London with his bar towels:

Winner of the best Mullet (there are so many comments I could say to go with this pic, but it speaks for itself):

Shea brought along a couple of bright blue wigs which was fantastic for finding each other. Here's our best farmer look:

In a circle on the circle line, bah ha:

The cops were really out in force on the day. They tried to stop the pub crawl by closing down the tube stations, but with Kiwi perseverance the crawl went on:

Even if it was on foot at times. Here we are approaching Westminster:

Where all the Kiwi's on the pub crawl try and meet up at 4pm for the Haka:

Shenanigans a plenty, with the statue of Sir Robert Peel getting a NZ beanie:

Again, the cops were everywhere, what with all us drunken Kiwi's there it wouldn't take much to takeover parliament from all those tea-sipping Englishmen only being able to mutter an "oh, I say" before being kicked out:

Guinness lists the biggest pub crawl in the world at a 1,198 people. Obviously no-one has told them about what us Kiwi's get up to in London and Australians just have no idea, trying to set a record of 1,500 people (check out Australian Times *hack, spit* if you don't believe me). Even this event (trying to get 3,000 people on a pub crawl) is just pathetic ;-)

The number of people this year was phenomenal (I'd be surprised if it doesn't break the 8,000 record set last year), didn't see any agro at all and the pride I felt looking at all these Kiwi's while standing on a fence was fantastic:

A similar pride was felt being able to climb up onto this sphinx on the way to Temple:

This shot is just great (well, who doesn't like sheep?!):

And a few more of the ladies, getting drunk at the Queen Mary at the end of the day:


Now, if ya think the pics convey a tiny sense of being there, just wait until you check out the video!

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YouTube (recommended)

Or just click play below!

Again, what a bl00dy awesome day, looking forward to next year already!

By Tony Baker: email