Funny I should start off a paged titled "Taranaki" with a pic of Wellington harbour you might say, but that's the kind of crazy, left field web site this is... That and I took off from Wellington, heading to New Plymouth:

And here is "The Naki", showing Mt Egmont in the distance:

Mt Egmont in all its glory:


Moving further around towards New Plymouth, I think that's Inglewood you can see:

Moments before landing, showing New Plymouth:

Close-up of New Plymouth:

Later that night I went to my Grandma and Granddads 60th Wedding anniversary! Here's my cuzzy Tania, Matt, David and sister Emma...

Me with my Niece Tyla:

My Grandma and Granddad:

Grandma and Granddad with all their grandchildren:

And here are all the grand kids in age order, isn't it interesting how it's almost in height order too...

And me with Grandma, Granddad, sister Emma, brother Phil, Niece Tyla and my Mum:

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