Tania Robin Michele and Dayle's Birthday Party



Here are some snaps from the tube theme party, where you had to get dressed up as a tube stop.

On our way there (taking the tube, naturally) with Grant, Meel's, Tania and Dayle (4 of the 7 sisters):

Was amusing going with people dressed up as nuns, all the religious freak come out of the woodwork, along with a few calls of "JESUS!" directed towards the ladies from a few gentlemen...

My new workmate (Diego, who started today, actually!) coming as Wimbledon. Looks like Sara is quite happy, looking at Diego's balls:

Meel's, praying that someone will be nice enough to get her a drink!

Ahh, the 7 sisters:

I came as Shaftesbury, James came as Bank:

Here I am with my two workmates, JP (Chalk farm) and Diego:

A blury pic of Steve, talking to Sarah:

The birthday girls, with the shots of Tequila I just brought them. I call this the "before" pic:

Bottoms up, ladies!!!

MMM!!! Tasty! Michele particularly enjoyed hers by the looks of it:

"GIVE ME MORE!!!" Yells Michele:


Chris and I in a very typical pose...

Mick, flexing his pythons (some might say "grass snakes" rather than pythons, but not me):

Michele expressing to me how happy she was that I brought her a Tequila, Tania simply passed out standing up:

The boys downing a few more:

Chris on the dance floor, singing "I'm too sexy":

After the party, on our way to a pub near London Bridge:

P.S. Like I said, I came as Shaftesbury. Only 4 people realised that there's no such tube stop called "Shaftesbury" :-)

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