Snowboarding Val Thorens

(03/01/07) 2 pages including my snowboarding video

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Just thought I'd start this page with two TOTALLY random photo selections from the trip, you know, just to be different:

No comments needed.

Ahh, had a great time snowboarding in France. Not a heck of a lot of snow, but weather was fantastically sunny every day!

6 of us went (below is Crazy, me, Pete, Tim, Ann and Matt):

It was one hell of a tiring journey there:

Took us TWENTY FOUR HOURS in total! Our flight was initially delayed 3 hours, then 7 hours then they finally admitted that we wouldn't be flying that day. So they put us up at a hotel and gave us a 3:30am wake up call for a 6am substitute flight, which was delayed until 9:30 of course. Initial excuse was that they forgot to tell the flight staff to turn up early, second excuse was that they couldn't get an earlier flight time (thanks for still waking us all up at 3am though). After we FINALLY boarded we had to sit for 30 mins on the tarmac while they finished loading the plane! Seriously, I don't think you could fu<k people around more if you tried.

When we finally arrived, we where treated to the spectacular village of Val Thorens. Here's the lit up mountain:

Frozen fountain outside our apartment complex:

View from our 6th floor chalet room during the evening:

...late evening...

and during twilight:

Here's Val Thorens village during the day, taken while catching one of the many chair lifts up the mountain:

Being geeks, of course we had to deck ourselves out in gadgets. CB radios were a must (with hands free head sets) but Matt went overboard, strapping a camera to the side of his helmet:

Pete's idea of "overboard" was getting a fluffy animal:

Christmas lunch:

Matt, Pete and Crazy on the chairlift:

Going up in a gondola, um, not quite sure what to make of this pic:

Lots of beer and food for lunch each day:

Our most expensive meal was ridiculous (down in Courcheval). 22 Euro for spag bowl, 13 Euro for a pint of beer:

and 4,000 Euro for a bottle of Cognac:


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