Mountain Biking in Dorking



Stu, Shea and I went mountain biking the other weekend in Dorking! Fantastic getting out in the countryside and nipping through the trees:

Here's Shea taking a breather, shouldn't have downed that 6 pack on the train out, ay Shea?!:

Stu wizzing by so fast the world got blurred:

Shea deciding this particular section was just a wee bit much, Stu and I of course booted up it and did a sweet jump at the top:

Stu trying to find a nice spot in the ferns to have a pee:

We slogged our assses off getting up one section, but were rewarded with a great view:

And a tower on the top:

We were lucky enough on the way back down to bump into a guy who knew the area and he took us down a run called "Summer Lightning" which was fantastic.

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