okIan and Shan's Going Away Party


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I've been meaning to post these pics for weeks! A big bunch of us all got together to see off Ian and Shan on their big trip!

As you can imagine, these pics will start off relatively "normal" and degenerate rapidly... The first page is what I would classify as "normal" and page 2 is the good stuff...

There was Chris and Sarah. Chris was feeling rather gay, apparently:

Sarah again and Shane (they spent a year tripping around the world recently too):

Crazy saw how cool Chris was when looking gay, so followed suite:

Tash and Stef:

Chris saw Crazy trying to compete with his gayness, and pulled out all the stops:

Werewolf Matt, Karl, Stef, Crazy, Anne and Adele:

Karl, smiling for the camera as usual:

Lovely pic of Matt, Anne and Craig:

Another absolutely lovely pic, not ruined at all by anyone:

Matt howling at the moon with Anne and Carolyn:

Karl getting picked up by Mark, looks like Mark is about to sneak a kiss!

Crazy disappointed that his Google maps and GPS combo in his Blackberry is telling him that he's 5 meters out the side of the boat in the middle of the Thames. Carolyn is NOT impressed by the looks of it!

Matt in pain as even more hair starts sprouting from his face:

Tans, Stef and Meels:

OK, I guess I was jealous of Chris and Crazy's performance and had to join in:

I couldn't let Stef get away with being in pics with gorgeous woman! I of course had to get in on the act:

Adele, Stef, Sarah and Shane:

Stef with James, Grant and Andrew:

Stef again, with Dennis, Shan and Robyn:

Matt, me and James:


Now for the drunken page:

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