Hyde Park Calling - Aerosmith - Chris Cornell - Jet

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I went to Hyde Park Calling with James, Sam and Kent last Sun:

In typical UK fashion, it piised down.

Basically, "Hyde Park Calling" is where they turn part of Hyde Park into a music festival.

We turned up to see Jet at 17:40, followed by Chris Cornell at 18:45 and the headline act, Aerosmith, at 20:45.

Jet were pretty cool:

Although they could've played more of their older stuff. There was a giant willie in the crowd to keep us entertained as well:

Here's Sam doing her "I don't care, it's all Rock 'n Roll to me, baby" face:

Here's Kent and James with their Rock 'n Roll faces:

More entertainment was provided watching Kent try and put his overpriced poncho on:

You can now see why he was on the set of Lord of the Rings:

Chris Cornell (from such little known bands as Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog) was simply fantastic, he's a bl00dy legend as far as I'm concerned and listening to him play pushed him way up on Tony's cool scale (don't get too bigger head, Chris):

Imagine singing to this crowd:

He also brought his two kids out on the stage, which was very cool:

Listening to Chris sing "Black Hole Sun" and "Hunger Strike" was probably the highlight for me and judging from the noise the crowd made, for a lot of other people...




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